Breaking Down Silos: Integrated Mobile App Analytics & Marketing Stack

Hussain Mehmood
Head of Technical Analytics at Effin Amazing, USA

The analytics landscape for mobile apps has changed rapidly over the last couple of years. Not only have dozens of analytics tools come into market a lot of marketing tools (email platforms, push notification, dynamic remarketing) have opened up pathways to communicate with analytics.

This has had two major impacts:

  1. by being able to send data into analytics from myriad of different tools we have come closer than ever before to closing the loop on marketing attribution;
  2. the ease with which data can flow from analytics into marketing platforms has made taking data driven action extremely approachable.

I will discuss analytics platforms in context of these advances and how e-commerce mobile apps can best benefit from it.

During the talk I will survey the mobile ecommerce analytics landscape and review the popular choices, present my recommendations for a lean analytics stack (the data needed & how to collect it) and share examples of how analytics and marketing platforms can be seamlessly integrated for a personalized customer experience at scale.

This would include platforms for various parts of analytics lifecycle attribution (, Appboy), data collection (, Google Tag Manager)  general analytics (Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Flurry, Firebase), personalization and communication (Intercom, Mailchimp, Autopilot, Firebase).

About speaker

Hussain has been working with Analytics for over 8 years starting as a plucky teenager fascinated by AdWords. He has gone on to turn his passion for consumer behavior into a full time consultancy, in the process helping 300 businesses get data driven!

He is currently Head of Technical Analytics at Effin Amazing a Florida USA based marketing consultancy that is at forefront of data driven marketing. (Clients include Apple Design Award Winner, Forks Over Knives).

He is also an in demand consultant helping deliver best in class analytics for outfits like Empirical Path (a Google Analytics Certified Partner with clients including business insider, at&t), Online Marketing Giant and large e-commerce brands Jacuzzi Hottubs, Golf Discount, Destination Lightning, BuffUSA

He is a passionate writer on all things analytics with a blog reaching 10,000+ readers every month.

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