How to work on a growth of my mobile app?

Adam Wesolowski
Founder and CEO at Growth Engine, Google Expert, Poland

Working on your mobile app growth is not easy task and everyone is looking for growthhacks that would work as silver bullets and bring you explosive growth.

Unfortunately, this is not a case - working on growth needs proper mindset, strategy, tools, people and consistency in testing you hypotheses. Everything very data and research driven.

This hottest business methodology from Silicon Valley is one of the most effective and efficient ways to grow your app exponentially.

During this talk I will show the way of inplementing the methodology, how to start, what to focus on, what tools to use and how to structure your team. Everyting having one goal in mind - to teach you how to start working on growth in your mobile startup right after the speech.

About speaker

Adam is the CEO and founder of a growth marketing agency - Growth Engine - and works with startups all around the world helping them getting traction and grow sustainably. The only Google Developers Network marketing mentor in CEE and mentor for Launchpad accelerators in San Francisco and Warsaw. During his career, he was heading marketing departments for smaller or bigger startups (like PizzaPortal, part of Delivery Hero Holding), ex-Googler. Graduated from Rotterdam School of Management (Innovation Management).
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