Increase your E-commerce App Revenues with App Retargeting

Bastien Lac
Team leader and PM at Ad4Screen, France

Did you know that users browse 286% more products in apps than on the mobile web? Convert your traffic into revenues with efficient App Retargeting campaigns! App-Retargeting has become essential to any E-Commerce actor that wants to maximize engagement, mobile conversion rates & ROI.

We'll explain how App Retargeting works, how you can set it up very quickly & how it can effectively increase sales.

We'll cover BACKINAPP major Strenghts (plug & play, 100% mobile, powerful & predictive algorythmn etc…), go through best performing Scenarios (Inactive users, abandonned shopping carts, etc..) and formats (Dynamic creative optimization, etc..)

About speaker

Bastien has started his career in the mobile industry & is now specialized in mobile retention & conversion at BACKINAPP. As Head of Account Management, he's fully commited to deliver best quality services to all BackinApp clients. His new hobby? Predictive technology!
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