Remarketing of e-Commerce Mobile Applications

Aaron Watkins
Co-Founder and President at Appency, USA

While common online, remarketing has only recently become a valid tool for mobile app marketers looking to get back in touch with lapsed users due to technical limitations of the app space. Today - it is possible to target advertisements to both existing users of your app that may not be performing desired actions (for example - users who abandon a shopping cart), as well as users who have downloaded your app but then uninstalled it.

During this talk, I will review the infrastructure needed in your app such as deep linking and data collection (Advertising ID / email) in order to be able to use remarketing tactics. In addition, I will review a number of key strategies specific to e-Commerce apps for using remarketing to achieve higher  sales and more downloads.

About speaker

Aaron is the Co-Founder and President of Appency, the world’s first full service mobile app marketing firm, and has been working in the world of mobile marketing for over 10 years. He has spoken around the world at major app industry events and has worked as a product consultant and marketing expert for hundreds of apps including two Apple “App of the Week” apps and Top 10 apps in nearly every category of the App Store. Some of his clients have included Coca-Cola, National Geographic, Butterball, Verizon, Comcast and more. He has been a contributor to GigaOM, Gamezebo, 148Apps, and other app focused publications, and a TEDx speaker on the topic of mobile data.
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