Retargeting: The good, the bad, and the evil

Alexei Chemenda
Managing Director at Adikteev, USA

Retargeting is a both trendy word and an efficient solution for app developer. To maximize your ROI, there are a few things you should do, a few things you should know, and a few things you should definitely not do.

Retargeting involves data, partners, bidding price, win rate, creative quality, tracking results…the difficulty remains to grow your audience while using your tools efficiently and transparently.

During this talk, we’ll explain the tips to follow & traps to avoid when you want to set an efficient retargeting campaign up and how you can properly scale it.

About speaker

Alexei is the Managing Director USA of Adikteev group - a mobile marketing company, driven by a machine learning technology, offering answers all along the conversion funnel: branding, performances, users acquisition and retention.

He joined this enterprise when this latter acquired Motionlead, a company he co-founded. Motionlead is a YCombinator, backed ad-tech company that helps advertisers grow their audience.

He splits his time every month between Berlin, New York and Paris where Adikteev is located.

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