Secure and modern mobile e-commerce with Xamarin and .NET framework

Przemysław Raciborski
Xamarin Developer at In'saneLab, Poland
Daniel Krzyczkowski
Xamarin Developer at In'saneLab, Poland
Artur Malendowicz
Xamarin Developer at In'saneLab, Poland

Mobile transactions nowadays becoming more and more popular. People use applications not only to check news or contact with each other. Mobile is also a great way to provide services like online stores and it opens new ways especially when talking about user experience and measuring user’s behavior. Xamarin platform enables implementing modern and beautiful applications with powerful backend implemented with .NET Framework.

During this session, participants will discover how to use Xamarin platform to create truly native and cross-platform mobile applications with scalable .NET framework backend. We will present useful mobile e-commerce tools including secure mobile payments methods. We will also show how to enhance user engagement with mechanisms like push notifications or mobile advertisement. Participants will gain knowledge about creating responsive application interface which encourages users to interact with it.

About speakers

Przemek is a Xamarin and Mobile passionate with a strong emphasis on User Experience.He thinks that modern software development should be paired with open source contribution.That’s the reason why In'saneLab is his “Xamarin home” – as the company also contributes to Xamarin Open Source community.Besides working at In'saneLab, Przemek is an active contributor to Xamarin community. He is adding and fixing features in MvvmCross, pushing a lot of Android Bindings library, and carrying out a lot of other Xamarin-related projects. Recently, Przemek started to blog on

Daniel is a former Microsoft Student Partner at Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw where he led .NET Group and currently Microsoft Most Valuable Professional​ ​and Xamarin Most Valuable Professional, who support many different events connected with Microsoft technologies. Focused on the mobile world. He is passionate about mobile applications and devices. He loves learning new things about mobile development. Concentrated on Universal Windows Platform and Xamarin. Leader and founder of Xamarin Warsaw Mobile Developers Group in Warsaw. Blogger:

Artur is a Xamarin developer since 2012, enthusiast of mobile application, soccer, and barbecue. Likes to share his knowledge with younger developers. Commercial programmer since 7 years, non-commercial since he was 12.

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